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Welcome New Member to the team. June Cohen Residential specialist and mortgage broker.
Posted on October 25 2010

We are pleased to welcome a new member to our team. Residential and mortgage specialist June Cohen has a been a long time residential broker in Montreal. She is a welcome edition to our team and will surely be an asset to all those who use her expertise and talents to acquire a property, whether it is a home or financing whichever they require. Be sure to take this opportunity to give her a call and use the skills of a fine agent in the business.  jcohen@aifernandes.com

Welcome new team member Lawrence Kalman
Posted on October 22 2010

We welcome a new member to our team. Revenue and mortgage specialist Lawrence Kalman. Much success to all those who use his talents and experience for their needs. He is a valuable addition to an already professional group of real estate  and mortgage brokers and his vast experience will no doubt be an asset to all those who may use him.

Economic performance of Quebec and Canada last 10 years
Posted on October 17 2010

The political issues in the Quebec Province as they affect Montreal have been consistently and prudently contained and factored in the economic performance of Quebec and Canada at large.

By most important quality of live indicators in the past ten (10) years, Canada have been consistently voted as either the best country or among the best countries to live in.

In a recent report, the London based Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) livability Ranking conducted world wide search for the best places to live. Looking at 40 different indicators arranged in five separate categories including stability, health care, culture, environment, education and infrastructure. Three (3) Canadian cities are in the top ten

Canada emerged from the worldwide economic meltdown without a failed bank nor a National Real Estate slump.

Interest Rates are at their lowest in the past fifty (50) years without sustainable higher interest rates due to the deflationary indications accruing from the the global economic crisis.

The Canadian Dollar is close to parity to the US Dollar.

Canada is continuously diversifying away from the United State in the component of their foreign trade.

The emerging markets are tasty for commodities to power their growing infrastructural and consumer needs.

Canada is rich in Commodities and energy sources.

Montreal is the second larges city in Canada. Montreal’s residential housing price index are more a representative of the national average but by a great margin below the world class cities it is cited to belong. Hence there are room given the prevailing economic cycle to see a sustainable investment in the Montreal housing sector.

Please click the the links below for these supporting information:

London based Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU)

Average Residential housing prices 2002-2009


The conccurrently Real Estate Expereince of my team in the Montreal Real Estate market is over 30 years. While collated data may not be at my disposal to show the twenty-five year trend, The perfomance of the Montreal Real Estate as shown in the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) data for 2002-2009 when extrapolated over twenty-five years would better my stated 5% average annual increases over the past twenty-five years.

Average Residential housing prices 2002-2009

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